LG Electronics’ global market challenge with the new product AI applied OLED TV ‘LG OLED TV AI ThinQ’

LG Electronics began to challenge the global market with 'LG OLED TV AI ThinQ (DeepThinQ)' which applied its own artificial intelligence platform 'Deep Thin Q'.

Starting with the United States, LG Electronics will begin selling new products of the 2018 type OLED TV in Europe, Latin America, and major Asian countries.

LG Electronics runs the OLED experience zone to the best buy's sales area in the whole 500 areas along with the launch of OLED TV. Consumers can directly feel the image quality of OLED TV which was further improved by the artificial intelligence image quality engine 'Alpha 9' in the OLED experience zone.

LG Electronics also holds various events to inform consumers of new products. Recently, they announced the 2018 version of LG TV in major regions such as Warszawa of Poland, Milano of Italy, Vienna of Austria, Bogota of Colombia. Major business partners and staffs of the media participated in this event.

The market size of OLED TV is expected to be significantly expanded from 1.6 million units last year to 2.5 million this year. That's why LG Electronics has a strategy to continue its leadership in the global market with artificial intelligence. LG Electronics plans to expand to LG TV, sales of OLED TV among sales by 15% level last year to 20% this year.

LG Electronics wears an artificial intelligence image quality engine 'Alpha 9' developed independently for major models of OLED TV. So this product offers more perfect OLED image quality. LG OLED TV has its own light without backlights, each pixel itself. So LG OLED TV can express perfect black. And this product embodies the most natural image quality of existing TV.

Alpha 9 analyzes the input image and removes the noise in four stages. In addition, after separating things and background, Alpha 9 can reach the optimum contrast ratio and saturation, respectively, to create more stereoscopic images. More precise and vivid color representation is possible for finely dividing the reference color coordinates which is helping to express accurate color more than 7 times the general TV ratio.

Natural language speech recognition function is applied to 2018 version LG OLED TV AI ThinQ. With that, users can easily control various TV functions such as screen mode change, channel change, volume adjustment etc. Moreover, it can easily connect with other equipment such as TV and sound bar, Blu-ray player, game machine and so on.

In the past, users had to go through complicated steps such as searching by TV or pressing several buttons when changing settings. But it can be easily changed the setting on LG artificial intelligence TV clicking on the microphone display button of the magic remote control and instruct it.


Big Bang TAEYANG, Gangwon-do Cheolwon 5 Artillery Brigade Unit Arrangement

TAEYANG, member of the Big Bang, was decided to go a military life as an artillery. 

Currently, TAEYANG, who is the status of the army recruit, finishes the basic military training for 5 weeks until 18th, and then receives and assigns troops to the 5 artillery brigade of Gangwon-do Cholwon from 19th.

Prior to that, TAEYANG entered the 6th Division Cheong-seong Troopers Recruitment Corps of Gangwon-do in the afternoon of 12th. From then on, TAEYANG has been occasionally communicating information such as how to receive training through the division's recruitment team's web community.

In addition, the Big Bang has released a new song 'Flower Road' at the same time as entering the army, and communicated greetings to the fans. TAEYANG raised public interest by raising a wedding ceremony with actor Min Hyeo-lin.


Korean Boy Group 'Wanna One' release Fancon (Fan Meeting + Concert) DVD including their performance scene

DVD containing the performance of group Wanna One's performance will be released. Wanna One refrains from releasing premier Fancon (fan meeting + concert) DVD.

Wanna One received a hot love since its debut and gained a lot of popularity. Especially from Debut Showcase to Premier Fancon which was held last December, it sold out and proved popularity.

This DVD contains the premiere Fancon performance show held in Seoul and Busan (Pusan), and reproduces the excitement which was excited at the time of the performance.

Meanwhile, Wanna One has released a second mini album '0 + 1 = 1' (I Promise You) and is working on with the title song 'Boomerang'.

Mnet 'Produce 48' girl group debut in Korea and Japan: 30 months contract confirmed

The term of the final debut group at Mnet 'Produce 48' is 30 months.

The girl group debuting through 'Produce 48' is going to be active on the main stage with Korea and Japan. And they receive management support for 30 months. They extended the period further than IOI who worked for 8 months and Wanna One who contracted for 18 months.

'Produce 48' increased periods of contracts in 30 months, and it means 'Korea-Japan project' significantly. It's the first global extended version of 'Produce' season. That's why group activities are preparing global movements suitable for them.

This agreement is the case where the entire affiliated company of the appearance agreed. A common idol group plans a time of about a year and proceeds overseas tour. As a result of aggregating such features, it was finalized within the period of 30 months. It is a project co-produced with Yakimoto Yasushi of AKB48. Therefore, it is expected that this project can achieve more diverse activities.

An official of CJ E&M said, "This is the first Korea-Japan Girls group selected by producer, so this girls group will fully advance its global activities after the debut of both Korea and Japan. In addition, It is to support to further secure the position to the artist, so it was decided after consultation with the affiliated company before participating in this project".


Korean girl group Twice's infinite rise: Update itself best with all indicators including sound source, records, MV views

Korean girl group Twice continues to rise by updating its own best record with all indicators such as sound source, records, browsing music videos. It was thought as it was normal shooting, but it is still going up much.

Twice came back and announced the new song "What is Love" composed by Park Jin-young through all sound source sites at 6pm on 9th. Twice's lovely charm and Park Jin-young' s addictive melody met and concentrated more attention.

Since the reorganization of the sound source site last year, Twice made the record for the first as a girl group. And Twice exceeded 890,000 people to use 24 hours of melon. Unfortunately Twice did not reach to 900,000 people, but succeeded in achieving their own record beyond 'Signal', 'Heart Shaker' announced after reorganization of the sound source site.

The album has reached 350,000 copies of pre-orders only. The existing self highest record was 320,000 sheets. It is by far the most overwhelming team as a top in the girl group's album sales volume even when compared with the boys group.

For browsing music video  is same. The music video has a good reputation as ‘Beautiful music video of beautiful Twice'. And that music video keeps track of the great number of clicks than the past. 'HEART SHAKER' music video, which was the best record of the past, recorded views for only 24 hours 1102, 'What is Love' exceeded the view by 1257 and updated the record. It is an amazing rise.

In this way, Twice updates the highest record of all indicators, such as sound source, album, MV clicks, and continues to rise endlessly. Following overwhelming support in both Korea and Japan, Billboard US has been "flattening K pop new record since Twice's debut song 'elegantly '(to do OOH - AHH)'.

Twice will get concerts throughout as well as Korea and Japan and almost Asian countries, based on overwhelming momentum. They will get the second tour 'Twice Land Zone 2: Fantasy Park' at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Songpa-gu, Seoul from 18th to 20th May. In Japan Twice will perform in total 4 times at Saitama Super Arena May 26th and 27th and Osakajo Hall June 2nd and 3rd. Twice will also continue overseas tours in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and others.

B1A4’s new single album up to No. 1 in the Oricon chart

The group B1A4’s the new single released in Japan occupied the Oricon chart No. 1.

According to Oricon style, Japan's largest album summary site, B1A4’s new single announced on the 10th "Aerumade (会えるまで)" recorded the sales of 11,720 on the first release day and recorded ‘the day chart’ 1.

Prior to the single announcement, B1A4 held a release commemoration event at Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square on the 9th, and met the fans. Over 2000 people gathered to celebrate the release of B1A4's new songs.

B1A4 explained about the new song as "It is a painful ballad song", and added "I am glad that we can let you hear a new song like this, please watch warmly from now and wish to enjoy the tour together".

B1A4 is undergoing a Japanese tour from April 7th.


LG Electronics's next premium strategy Smartphone brand, confirmed on 'LG G7 ThinQ'

LG Electronics will apply the ThinQ brand to the smartphone G series.

LG applied LG Electronics's Artificial Intelligence (AI) brand ThinQ to 'V30S ThinQ' for the first time as a smartphone. This means that LG will make consistency of the brand by utilizing the ThinQ brand in the G series as well.

LG Electronics decided to delay the release date of the G series from the usual year and also worried whether to change the brand. As a result, LG Electronics concluded by adopting ThinQ also for the G series. LG Electronics plans to release LG G7 ThinQ to the press from the Metropolitan West in New York / Manhattan on the morning of 2nd May.

ThinQ put 'the consideration of users considering from the customer's point of view' to the point of interest of LG Electronics AI. G7 ThinQ upgraded its performance and convenience such as 'voice AI' which carries out voice commands demonstrated at V30S ThinQ and 'vision AI' which enhanced the convenience of the camera, and it also has the function of interlocking with LG's smart home appliances. Furthermore, LG Electronics plans to install a dual camera by attaching LCD screen instead of OLED screen by applying 'notch design' which Apple applied to iPhone X. The G7 ThinQ is expected to be released in May, and the price is expected to be slightly higher than the previous G6.
LG Electronics has adopted the ‘BTS’, global Korean idol star, in the advertisement model of LG G7 ThinQ. That's why LG Electronics foretells aggressive marketing in Korea and other global markets.

An official of LG Electronics said, "While the existing smartphone, it has focused new features and more features. And this is when we need solutions to the functions that customers actually use conveniently". And, he emphasized "I'd like to show off the convenience that we could not see until now by concentrating the AI technology built up by smartphones and home appliances".


Red Velvet Pyongyang Performance: North Korea responded much more than South Korea’s thought

Korean girl group Red Velvet finished the first Pyongyang performance successfully.

At 6:50 pm on April 1, Red Velvet rose in the fifth order of the Korean Arts Festival stage held at East Pyongyang Grand Theater. Originally in Korea, there was concern that the performance of Red Velvet, a popular girls group in Korea, would fit the emotions of residents of North Korea. However, there is a behind story that Pyongyang citizens greeted with passionate cheers for red velvet.

After finishing the first Pyongyang performance, a member of the red velvet ‘Ye-ri’ said "It was a lot bigger than usual applauded (north side audience did). They were singing along our songs. Therefore I was able to ease a lot of tension."

Another member ‘Wendy’ also said, "In the case of (before going up to the stage), even if they do not respond, we will show our songs, so we tried our best, but the North Korean audience replied with a lot of applaud."

Other member ‘IRENE’ also said, "Although expressing a little about expansion during the performance, North Korean audience applauded and laughed." And, "They continued to applaud until the performance was over and we entered the backstage," explained the situation at the time.

Kim Jung-eun, chairman of the committee, said, "People were more concerned about whether I will see red velvet." It was a remark of Kim Jung-eun, who kept in mind the red velvet.

Red velvet decorated the stage with their hit songs "red taste" and "bad boy".

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