B1A4’s new single album up to No. 1 in the Oricon chart

The group B1A4’s the new single released in Japan occupied the Oricon chart No. 1.

According to Oricon style, Japan's largest album summary site, B1A4’s new single announced on the 10th "Aerumade (会えるまで)" recorded the sales of 11,720 on the first release day and recorded ‘the day chart’ 1.

Prior to the single announcement, B1A4 held a release commemoration event at Tokyo Ikebukuro Sunshine City Fountain Square on the 9th, and met the fans. Over 2000 people gathered to celebrate the release of B1A4's new songs.

B1A4 explained about the new song as "It is a painful ballad song", and added "I am glad that we can let you hear a new song like this, please watch warmly from now and wish to enjoy the tour together".

B1A4 is undergoing a Japanese tour from April 7th.

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