Red Velvet Pyongyang Performance: North Korea responded much more than South Korea’s thought

Korean girl group Red Velvet finished the first Pyongyang performance successfully.

At 6:50 pm on April 1, Red Velvet rose in the fifth order of the Korean Arts Festival stage held at East Pyongyang Grand Theater. Originally in Korea, there was concern that the performance of Red Velvet, a popular girls group in Korea, would fit the emotions of residents of North Korea. However, there is a behind story that Pyongyang citizens greeted with passionate cheers for red velvet.

After finishing the first Pyongyang performance, a member of the red velvet ‘Ye-ri’ said "It was a lot bigger than usual applauded (north side audience did). They were singing along our songs. Therefore I was able to ease a lot of tension."

Another member ‘Wendy’ also said, "In the case of (before going up to the stage), even if they do not respond, we will show our songs, so we tried our best, but the North Korean audience replied with a lot of applaud."

Other member ‘IRENE’ also said, "Although expressing a little about expansion during the performance, North Korean audience applauded and laughed." And, "They continued to applaud until the performance was over and we entered the backstage," explained the situation at the time.

Kim Jung-eun, chairman of the committee, said, "People were more concerned about whether I will see red velvet." It was a remark of Kim Jung-eun, who kept in mind the red velvet.

Red velvet decorated the stage with their hit songs "red taste" and "bad boy".

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